Lonely Birthday

Lonely Birthday
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Lonely Birthday – Sentimental, sweet and catchy 50’s style song, bitter sweet with a hint of sarcasm.
Has that retro, vintage vibe but still contemporary shiny and bright.
Sweet vocals by the lovely Hadar Shechter
Perfect as a theme song, for t.v and radio, films, sentimental projects and more.

Instrumental version included (starts at 3:22 in the preview).

Lonely Birthday (3:22)
Lonely Birthday instrumental (3:22)


Happy birthday Mr. Lonely
No one there to hold you tight
No one is listening to your beating heart
Just another lonely night

Smiling faces in a picture frame
Salty tears well in your eye
One more year has gone and passed you by
Happy birthday now you cry

Happy birthday
Oh no…

Fifty channels on your radio
But no song can ease your mind
Hope and peace you never got to find
Down and lost and left behind

Happy birthday
Oh no…

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