About Us

My name is Amnon and i am a producer, composer /songwriter, guitarist and recording artist  living in Israel. Music is “the soundtrack of my life”. Over the years i have had my work featured in various projects. I produced a number of singers-songwriters, rock bands and a lot of community productions. I’ve just published (this November) my own funk-pop album “The Leashes – Magnetized” and its available for sale through the internet.

My music has been used in:

  • commercials and imaging campaigns.
  • films and documentaries
  • humanitarian campaigns

You can hear most of my work right here at my site, on youtube, soundcloud and social networks. In the past year  my main focus was creating royalty free music. My work is spread across many different genres. Most tracks  are instrumental and written  in kind of a way that anyone can use. I also write short jingles, record and upload guitar riffs  as well. You name the style, and i pretty much write and produce it! All my royalty free tracks are  exclusively for sale through audiojungle.net, which is an industry leading royalty free music and sound effects provider. If you would like to send me a message or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again for visiting my site…
Amnon Levy

My Projects

My work is spread across many different genres from motivational music, epic cinematic themes, sweet optimistic songs, and retro tunes to commercial music, children’s music, promos, intros, funk and groovy tunes. All of my tracks are edit friendly, high value produced and ready to use.  Scroll through the categories and I’m sure you’ll find the music that fits your project.

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